Ged Laing - Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training ClassGed Laing Personal Safety Training offers a range of bespoke training programmes that can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Ged Laing personally offers over 30 years experience of operational, managerial, training and staff development roles gained as an Officer with the British Police Service.

Aim Of Our Training Programmes

Training ClassroomTo provide Conflict Resolution / Conflict Management / Individual Personal Safety / Lone Worker Personal Safety training to any person, group or organisation who may encounter confrontation / conflict / intimidation / the threat of violence during the course of their employment or business.

Objectives Of Our Training Programmes

  • To offer a range of training packages tailored to the needs and requirements of individual students / organisations
  • To deliver all training in a professional manner and with integrity
  • To improve individual and therefore organisational performance and effectiveness using holistic training and development in the key areas of knowledge (smart minds), attitude (warm hearts) and practical skills (safe hands)
  • To monitor, evaluate and offer feedback on the learning performance of students
  • To improve my services by actively seeking feedback from individual students / organisations regarding the quality, relevance, appropriateness and effectiveness of the training we provide
  • To consult and advise on the future training and development needs of the individual or organisation